Teach your dog a rock-solid Sit & Stay for $29.99!

The behavior "sit" is one of the most fundamental obedience commands out there.

This course will explain everything you need to know in order to teach your dog how to sit and stay without fail, even through the most tempting of distractions!

In this online dog training course, you will learn the Wags & Wiggles positive reinforcement method of training your dog to hold a sit-stay through distractions and from a distance. We will guide you through starting a simple sit behavior on cue, then gradually make your dog's stay behavior more realistic and reliable.

The quickest way to control wild behavior is by using reliable obedience cues. Teaching your dog to properly hold a sit-stay will help with problem behaviors like jumping, biting, and running away.

Teaching your dog to sit and stay will instill patience and self-control.

As a result, your dog will naturally learn to pay attention to you while waiting to be released from the sit-stay.

You will learn how to vary your rewards so your dog's desire to perform the sit-stay behavior remains strong. Some of the lessons in this course even involve games with toys to bring some excitement to your training!

Wags & Wiggles believes in using obedience cues in real-life situations. This makes practicing convenient and easy for you! You will learn how to use the Sit & Stay behavior at doorways, during feeding time, during play time, when getting leashed up, and when greeting humans.

Purchase the online Sit & Stay Dog Training Course for $19.99! You'll have access to this course for 3 months.

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