Train your dog to perform 30 fun tricks for $99.99!

Using positive reinforcement, many tricks can be taught very quickly.

Trick dog training is fun for both ends of the leash and is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Your dog will start to pay more attention to you and it will improve his or her overall obedience skills and concentration skills.

Your dog's overall manners are likely to improve, which means you will have a dog who knows fun tricks to show off to family and friends AND a dog who is generally more pleasant to be around!

In addition, every new behavior you teach will channel your dog's energy into something positive. For example, if your dog is attempting to jump on someone, you can ask them to perform a trick to redirect his or her focus on something more appropriate.

Challenge your dog with something new!

Trick dog training builds confidence and is a great form of physical and mental exercise. Many tricks build muscle tone, stamina, flexibility, and balance. Trick dog training is a fun way to give your dog a workout.

Your dog's brain needs exercise, too! Repeating the same cues over and over again gets boring for your dog. Many dogs will pay attention longer if the training is fun! You can use trick training to break up training sessions on behaviors like Leave It and Come When Called.

Your dog can even work towards earning AKC Trick Dog Titles, which are official AKC titles listed on the dog’s title record.

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