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We want your dog to live their very best life.  Today's dog still has the instincts of their predecessors who worked in fields or on farms.

Canine Enrichment is the outlet for dogs' instincts. Most bad dog behavior is an instinctual behavior that has not been redirected into an acceptable activity.

Enrichment can be bonding, training, confidence building, or behavior rehab. Enrichment can even conquer Barking, Lunging, Guarding, & Pulling when used with a positive reinforcement training plan.

It can only take a few minutes and fit into daily life or be a special event. Play With Us Online

When dogs are under-stimulated, that is when they make up their own jobs to do. Landscaping and house remodeling should be left to humans! Let's get started together.

Fill in your information, and you will receive a FREE Canine Enrichment Guide.  This guide is filled with ideas to do at home, including our Free 10-Day Enrichment Challenge.

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