It isn't a secret that stimulating your dog's mind is among the things that contribute to their happiness!

What you may not have considered is "the power of choice."  Canine Enrichment is a hot topic now among dog enthusiasts.

Humans decide every factor of a dog's life, from when they eat to where they potty. Putting some choice back into their lives through puzzles, games, and enrichment can add to that stimulation.

Canine Enrichment is a broad name for this stimulation. This is an outlet for dogs' instincts. Most bad dog behavior is instinctual and has not been redirected into an acceptable activity. Enrichment can be bonding, training, confidence building, or behavior rehab.

Dogs of any age can benefit from enrichment.

It can map new connections in your dog's brain. The dog brain, like the human brain, is a complicated muscle with many neurological pathways. Nothing is better than watching a dog find new joy through Canine Enrichment.

This course combines our previous 10-day Canine Enrichment Challenge into one easy-to-follow program.

The Online Canine Enrichment Course contains 10 exciting games! This course is designed to take about 10 weeks to complete. You will have access to this course for 3 months. Games are the key to making training fun and not another boring chore.