Online Dog Training Memberships

Learning Online from home is easy with great instruction.  Our Memberships bundle courses into a low cost package. Are you an in-facility student at Wags & Wiggles? Contact us for your special discounted rate.

Dog Obedience Membership - $199 (On Sale $129)

Wags & Wiggles' popular Dog Obedience program is now available online, for all dogs of any age. We strongly believe in giving both the human and dog ends of the leash positive feedback during learning and use a combination of food, praise, toys, real-life rewards, and clicker training. 13 courses, hundreds of videos, 1 year of access only $199. Learning online from home is easy with great instruction. Learn more!

Puppy Training Membership - $59 (On Sale $49)

Start your puppy off on the right paw with the Wags & Wiggles Online Puppy Training Membership. Designed for puppies under 5 months, this $59 membership includes 8 courses with a plethora of lessons to put your puppy on the right track to being a good, obedient dog. Teaching your puppy good habits from the beginning will give you an obedient and friendly dog as an adult. Learn more!

Behavior Rehab Membership - $169 (On Sale $99)

Tackle excitement, fear, and reactivity with the Wags & Wiggles Online Behavior Rehab Membership. Features 7 courses, including our Zen Dog course - based off of our popular in-facility group class! This membership is specially designed for dogs who bark, lunge, shutdown, or run off. You will learn there are a few key components to behavior change that are easy to follow. Your dog can learn to listen to you when it matters the most. Learn more!

Sport Dog Membership - $49 (On Sale $39)

Bring out your dog's inner athlete with our Sport Dog Membership! This Online Sport Dog Membership allows you to bring the fun of our in-facility Sport Dog class home with you! Explore new ways for your dog to be active and have fun! You will learn all the foundation behaviors to tackle most exciting dog sports. Keep your dog busy and challenged through these exciting courses. Learn more!

K9 Nose Works Membership - $218 (On Sale $99)

The Wags & Wiggles K9 Nose Work Membership unlocks the power of your dog's amazing nose! This Online K9 Nose Work Membership allows you to bring the fun of our in-facility Nose Works class home with you! Explore new ways for your dog to be active, practice unique skills, and have fun! This easy-to-learn activity starts by getting your dog excited about using his or her nose to seek out treats and specific odors hidden in one of several boxes. Learn More!

Training for Life Membership - $299 (On Sale $169)

This membership includes EVERY course in the Wags & Wiggles Puppy & Obedience Membership for one full year. It also includes Tricks and Zen Dog. You can start with basic obedience training and learn how to problem-solve unwanted dog behavior, dabble in trick dog training, and train your dog to be a well-behaved adult dog. Enjoy 18 courses for only $169! Learn more!