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The Wags & Wiggles Online Dog Training Classroom is built for every dog owner!

The Wags & Wiggles online dog training classroom offers high-quality and affordable courses. Learn on-demand and at your own pace!

Our online dog training courses are self-study.  Start training immediately, during the day, in the middle of the night, or in your pajamas!

You can now enroll yourself in online dog training or Gift A Membership to a friend. Online dog training is very practical affordable gift.

Try Do It Yourself training courses on specific behaviors, like Sit and StayLoose Leash Walking or Zen Dog for the reactive or rowdy dog.

Memberships give you access to several courses for a well-rounded training program.

Puppy Training Membership

8 Courses for $59 (Sale $49)

The Wags & Wiggles Online Puppy Training Membership will help you raise your puppy to be a wonderful companion for years to come. This membership gives you access to 7 courses for only $59. Courses include collar and leash training, sit and stay, crate training, nose touch recall, and more! The Complete Guide to Dog Training is included for FREE and covers potty training your puppy.

Dog Obedience Membership

13 Courses for $199 (Sale $129)

The Wags & Wiggles Online Dog Obedience Training Membership covers all of the basic behaviors and cues every dog should know. This memberships includes 12 different courses and covers popular subjects like Loose Leash Walking, Down & Stay, Leave ItCome When Called, and more! Learn how to train your dog to stop barking, jumping, running away, and pulling on the leash.

Behavior Rehab Membership

7 Courses for $169 (Sale $99)

It can be embarrassing and frustrating when your dog barks, lunges, destroys your house, runs wild or cries out for attention. Tackle excitement, fear, and reactivity with the Wags & Wiggles Online Behavior Rehab Membership.  This memberships includes the VERY informative Zen Dog Course, Loose Leash Walking, Crate Training, Leave it, and Go To Your Mat courses.

Sport Dog Membership

4 Courses for $49 (Sale $39)

The Wags & Wiggles Sport Dog Membership include the most popular classes we offer at our facilities. The benefits include improved balance, coordination, flexbility, and muscle tone.  Another major benefit is improved focus and bond between the dog and their human.  This membership include Sport Dog Level 1 and Sport Dog Level 2.

Training for Life Membership

18 Courses for $299 (Sale $169)

Thousands of students have enrolled in our in-facility Training for Life program.  We now offer this Online.  This membership gives you access to the Online Puppy and Online Dog Obedience Membership.  You get both memberships!  Bonus Courses are Tricks and Zen Dog.

Zen Dog

$99.99 (Sale $69)

"My Great Dane was very reactive on leash.  She was very hyper and would bark at dogs or people.  I could never get her attention. After a few homework sessions, she has much more self-control.. The training was fun and the instructors gave great feedback!  The Zen Dog routine concept was a life saver!"

- Pat & Amber, Phoenix, AZ

Nose Work

$109.00 (Sale $59)

"Bailey, our Australian Labradoodle, was out of control jumping on friends and running away. Our friend suggested Wags & Wiggles. Our schedules are hectic, so the online dog training option was perfect. Nose Work provided the enrichment and focus Bailey needed.

- Debra & Bailey, Charlotte NC

Leash Walking

$29.99 (Sale $21)

"We had a great walk today! This online dog training course turned around my dog, who previously pulled on his leash like a freight train. I am finally the pack leader. My dog actually pays attention to me now in public and ignores other dogs.

- Brett & Savi, Los Angeles CA

Come When Called

$24.99 (Sale $19)

"He would NEVER listen, but now he comes like a bullet! We are in the beginning of this training, but even after a few weeks we have seen our lab calm down and listen to us! The videos were easy to follow. The complete guide was a huge help. "

- Karen & Joey, Mission Viejo CA