Learn online how to train your dog NOT to pull and walk calmly with this online dog training course for $29.99!

Are you taking your dog for a walk, or is your dog walking you? With this course, even the hardest of pullers will learn how to walk politely on leash!

Every dog learns quickly that going for a walk is what makes their lives enjoyable.   Dogs learn about their environment through their nose and all the great smells can lead to pulling.   Dogs don't pull on the leash to dominate their owners. Dog's pull because they want to explore and the owners inadvertently reward them by giving them access to the world when they pull.

Training your dog to walk calmly on a leash can be fun!  If owners don't enjoy walking their dogs, they will find reasons to avoid it.  Walks are an activity that builds a bond between owners and their dogs.  It prevents bad dog behavior like stealing, guarding, biting, and jumping because the dog is naturally calmly after exercise.

Simple leash-pulling can lead to more significant leash reactivity and leash aggression. The primary thing to keep in mind is that these issues are almost always preventable and manageable when using positive reinforcement training methods.

The Wags & Wiggles method of leash training dogs focuses on teaching the dog what we want from them and rewarding them.  Yanking on the leash using corrections is not necessary to develop a calm dog on a leash.  We will also discuss non-painful management devices that can help if your dog is stronger than you.


Wags & Wiggles Loose Leash Walking Dog Training course can be purchased as a stand alone course for $29.99 with 3 months access. It is also included in the

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This Wags & Wiggles Online Dog Training Course will guide you through how to train your dog to give attention on the leash and a cue that will prompt your dog walk at your side. The lessons gradually add in real life distractions and challenges. The Complete Guide To Dog Training is included in your purchase of this course.