Positive-Reinforcement Based Dog Training at Your Fingertips

Our online dog training courses are self-study, so you can start training immediately, whether that’s during the day, in the middle of the night, or in your pajamas!

Have training questions or want to submit a video for feedback? No problem! Instructor feedback is included with every online dog training course and membership.

Online dog training allows for distraction-free learning, so dogs with aggression or reactivity issues can learn in the comfort of their own homes.

Online Dog Training Memberships

If you want a complete training program, our online dog training memberships are the way to go.

Our Puppy Training Membership is six months long, while every other membership is one full year.

Some of our memberships include:

  • Dog Obedience - covers all basic behaviors every dog should know
  • Puppy Training - raise your puppy into the adult dog of your dreams
  • Gold Membership - includes every single course we have created or will create in the entire online dog training classroom
  • Behavior Rehab (Coming February 2019) - problem solve unwanted behaviors
  • Sport Dog (Coming February 2019) - for active dogs that thrive on learning new and exciting things

Individual Online Dog Training Courses

Choose from over 25 different online dog training courses! We cover popular subjects like Down & Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Come When Called, and Leave It.

Each course features multiple exercises with step-by-step instructions that progress in difficulty.

Individual courses are perfect if you need training assistance with only one or two specific areas.

Our Complete Guide to Dog Training course is automatically included with any purchased course, so you really get two courses for the price of one!

Get a free online dog training evaluation!

One of our certified dog trainers will get back to you with the requested information and answers to your questions.

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