Online Dog Training Courses

Nose Work - Intro To Searching $109 (On Sale $59)

Our Intro To Nose Work course is easily the hottest new sport around, and it’s easy to see why! Discover how to unlock the power of your dog's amazing nose by playing find it games using food and toys.

Nose Work - Intro To Odor $109 (On Sale $59)

Our Intro To Odor takes Nose Work to the next level.  After you complete the Intro to Search Course, you can continue this game by teaching your dog to locate a specific odor like Birch.

Complete Guide to Dog Training - FREE With Any Purchase!

Wags & Wiggles Complete Online Guide to Dog Training course contains everything you need to know in order to start your online dog training journey. This course covers all of the fundamentals of positive reinforcement dog training!

Advance Training and Problem Solving - FREE With Any Purchase!

Our Advanced Training & Problem Solving course contains a ton of valuable information, including how to set your dog up for success through management, how to build a stronger relationship with your dog, how to handle training mistakes, and much, much more!

Canine Enrichment Course - $9.99

It isn't a secret that stimulating your dog's mind is among the things that contribute to their happiness! What you may not have considered is "the power of choice."  Canine Enrichment is a hot topic now among dog enthusiasts. Learn more!

Collar Training - $19.99 (On Sale $10)

For dogs who are head shy, Collar Training them to help you put the collar on is a great way to make it a more positive experience. Equally important is desensitizing them to the pressure of being led by the collar. Collar training gives you better control of your dog. Learn more!

Come When Called - $24.99 (On Sale $19)

In this online dog training course, you will learn the Wags & Wiggles positive reinforcement method of training your dog to Come When Called without fail, even through distractions and from a distance. We will guide you through getting this behavior on cue. Learn more!

Crate Training - $24.99 (On Sale $19)

The Wags & Wiggles Online Crate Training Course will cover how to teach your dog to go into the crate and lay down on their own without force. The lessons will steadily build duration, distance, and distractions. Your dog will feel safe and secure in their crate after taking this course! Learn more!

Door Manners - $19.99 (On Sale $10)

Teaching your dog proper Door Manners is important. Not only does it prevent your dog from darting out the front door, but it will also help you start your walks off with a calm, focused dog. Learn the best-kept trick to dog training: reorientation. Learn more!

Down and Stay - $29.99 (On Sale $21)

The Down and Stay behavior is useful in so many different ways! This course covers how to teach your dog to offer the down behavior without force, as well as build a strong down-stay behavior. You will learn how to hold a down-stay through distractions and from a distance. Learn more!

Drop It - $19.99 (On Sale $10)

Drop It is a great preventative when it comes to your precious pup getting a hold of something they are not supposed to have. These online courses teach you how to effectively train your dog to listen to your commands and share what they have in their mouth. Learn more!

Go to Your Mat - $29.99 (On Sale $21)

Go to Your Mat gives your dog a job to do when you are out to dinner, doing chores at home, entertaining guests, answering the door, and more! We will guide you through the process of developing the mat behavior and getting it on cue. Learn more! 

Leash Training for Puppies - $19.99 (On Sale $10)

Our Online Dog Training Course on Leash Training for Puppies will help you shape your puppy into a wonderful walking companion for years to come. With proper leash training, your dog has more freedom to safely explore the world beyond your front or backyard. Learn more!

Leave It - $24.99 (On Sale $19)

Leave It will guide you through teaching your dog to physically turn his or her head away from the distraction and give you eye contact. Teaching your dog to "Leave It" will instill self-control and thoughtfulness and can protect him or her from harm. Learn more!

Loose Leash Walking - $29.99 (On Sale $21)

The Loose Leash Walking course will guide you through training your dog to give attention on the leash and give you a cue that will prompt your dog to walk at your side. The lessons gradually add in real-life distractions and challenges. Learn more!

Nose Touch - $19.99 (On Sale $10)

The Nose Touch behavior is one of the most fundamental obedience cues out there. You will learn how to use the Nose Touch behavior to overcome distractions like food, other dogs, and more. Nose Touch is the foundation to training your dog how to perform fun, show-off tricks! Learn more!

Puppy Socialization - $19.99 (On Sale $10)

One of the most valuable lessons you can teach your puppy is that the world is a safe place with kind humans and friendly dogs. Puppy Socialization creates positive experiences with people and animals! Learn more!

Sit and Stay - $29.99 (On Sale $21)

In Sit and Stay, you will learn the positive reinforcement method of training your dog to hold a sit-stay through distractions and from a distance. We will guide you through starting a simple sit behavior on cue, then gradually make your dog's stay behavior more realistic and reliable. Learn more!

Sport Dog Level 1 - $29.99 (On Sale $19)

Bring out your dog's inner athlete with our Sport Dog Level 1 course! We do a variety skills on balance balls and disks, which works out every part of the dog's body. We include crawling, balancing, cone work, and backing up all on FitPAWS Equipment. Learn more!

Sport Dog Level 2 - $29.99 (On Sale $19)

Advance your dog's Sport Dog training with our Sport Dog Level 2 course! We challenge your dog's strength, balance, and endurance in this course with advanced exercises. We include balancing, platform work, and cavalettis. Learn more!

Trick Dog Training - $99.99 (On Sale $49)

Trick Dog Training is fun for both ends of the leash and is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Your dog will start to pay more attention to you and it will improve his or her overall obedience skills and concentration skills. Learn more!

Watch Me - $19.99 (On Sale $10)

The Watch Me course will teach you how to train your dog to focus on you! You will learn through clicker training how to identify eye contact, mark it, and reward it. By the end, you'll even learn how to get eye contact on cue using the command "Watch Me" so you can ask for it! Learn more!

Zen Dog - $99.99 (On Sale $69)

The Zen Dog program is designed to help "dogs with issues" learn how to relax, focus, and function reliably in both stimulating or stressful situations. You will be given guidance on how to make changes to your home and life in order to reduce and manage reactivity. Learn more!