Leash train your puppy online for $19.99 (On Sale $10)

Puppies need guidance in order to grow up into well-rounded, social, and calm adult dogs.

Pulling on the leash and taking you for a walk is almost cute at this age, but these behaviors won't be so cute a year from now!

Our Online Dog Training Course on Leash Training for Puppies will help you shape your puppy into a wonderful walking companion for years to come.

Some puppies take to their leashes and collars quickly and some do not. It all depends on prior experiences and personality.

In this online dog training course, you will learn the Wags & Wiggles positive reinforcement method of properly leash training your puppy.

Puppy training with positive reinforcement

A critical time for your puppy’s learning is between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks. Puppies can absorb a great deal of information during this time period!

With proper leash training, your dog has more freedom to safely explore the world beyond your front or backyard.

Teaching your puppy to follow you on the leash will prevent years of pulling as an adult every time you take them out.

Many owners question whether they are doing things right. You'll be able to submit videos for instructor feedback!

Is walking your puppy already becoming a strain? Do they pull and eat everything they come across? Is your puppy barking at other dogs?

You can conquer all these issues with Leash Training For Puppies.  You can teach your puppy the right behaviors on leash that will replace the bad ones you don't want.

You will receive 6 easy to follow lessons in the Online Leash Training for Puppies Course for $19.99! You'll have access to this course for 3 months.

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