Teach your puppy to accept collar handling, for $19.99 (On Sale $10)

Collar training gives you better control of your dog.

While dogs wear collars 24/7, not every dog is comfortable with having their collar handled. Some dogs are head shy and some aren’t comfortable being led from one place to another by the collar. Other dogs just haven’t been exposed to or trained to be handled by their collar. For dogs who are head shy, training them to help you put the collar on is a great way to make it a more positive experience. Equally important is desensitizing them to the pressure of being led by the collar.

Here are common situations that may require you to grab your dog’s collar:

  • Pulling your dog away from something on the ground
  • Gain better control as you pass a distraction
  • Control the dog so they don’t run off after coming when called.

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