Nosework is the hottest new dog activity around, and it’s easy to see why! Discover how to unlock the power of your dog's amazing nose by playing find it games using food and toys.

Inspired by working detection dogs, Nose Work builds confidence, focus. and provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise.

This easy-to-learn activity starts by getting your dog excited about using his or her nose to seek out a favorite toy or treat reward hidden in one of several boxes. As your dog grows more confident with his nose, target odors are introduced, competition skills are taught, and the game is expanded to entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles.

This course is taught by Steve Detata, NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor and AKC Scent Work Judge who has been involved in Nose Work since 2010.  There are 52 videos in this course giving you clear and easy instructions on how to do Nose Work from the comfort of your home.  You most likely have everything you need to begin.

Prepare for a lifetime of fun with your dog and Nose Work!

The benefits of Nose Work are endless

  • Perfect for Reactive Dogs
  • Builds Confidence
  • Sniffing Relieves Stress
  • Easier than Obedience
  • Create Teamwork for Stubborn Dogs
  • Any Dog Can Do It
  • No Prior Training Needed
  • Exceptional Canine Enrichment
  • Easiest Training To Learn Online
  • Benefits Other Sports Training
  • Distracted Dogs Learn To Focus
  • Kids Can Play This Game Too

This course is the Introduction To Nose Work.  Introduction to Odor is the follow-up course.

The online Nose Work Course contains 8 exciting lessons! This course is designed to take about 6-8 weeks to complete. You will have access to this course for 3 months. Games are the key to making training fun and not another boring chore.

As a FREE BONUS to you, the Complete Guide To Dog Training and Advanced Training & Problem Solving courses are included in the purchase of this course. These freebies give you a better understanding of basic dog training, reinforcement strategies, and problem solving.