Your dog can reliably come to you for $24.99 (On Sale $19)

A reliable recall is an important behavior for all dogs.

20 years of teaching classes at our facilities in Orange County has really hit home how important a great recall is.  This is a main focus for all our pet parents.  This online dog training course will teach you how to train your dog to come to you when called, reliably, on cue....every time.

In this online dog training course, you will learn the Wags & Wiggles positive reinforcement method of training your dog to come to you without fail, even through distractions and from a distance. We will guide you through getting this behavior on cue.

The number one mistake owners make with their new dog is calling them when they are already running away! This course will start off by teaching your dog to WANT to move towards you.

Learn how to build trust and ensure safety!

You will learn fun dog training games that build drive and encourage your dog to return to you. We use simple but effective concepts like the Premack Principle to make the distraction the reward.

Wags & Wiggles believes in using obedience cues in real-life situations. This makes practicing convenient and easy for you! The lessons will gradually build in real-life distractions, including coming back home after the front door is left open.

This course will teach you to be consistent, stay positive, and reinforce the behavior you want, so you get results!


Do you feel like you are constantly having to manage your dog? It can be extremely frustrating, stressful and downright exhausting…
Have you been chasing your dog around the house or worse yet down the street? It always amazes us how little training is actually required to turn things around.

Getting your dog to come when called on cue can be fairly simple given the right tools.  Our games use scientific based training that are proven effective but we make the information easy to follow.  Each lesson has a video for you to watch and clear homework instructions.

The Online Come When Called Dog Training Course contains 9 exciting games! You'll have access to this course for 3 months. Games are the key to making training fun and not another boring chore.

In addition, this course is included in the following Wags & Wiggles Online Dog Training memberships:

As a FREE BONUS to you, The Complete Guide To Dog Training and Advanced Training & Problem Solving courses are included in the purchase of this course.  These freebies will give you a better understanding of basic dog training, reinforcement strategies, and problem solving.