Train your dog to pay attention to you for $19.99 (On Sale $10)

The "Watch Me" course will teach you how to train your dog to focus on you!

Does your dog ignore you? Do you have to say your commands over and over? Does your dog have trouble focusing? If so, "Watch Me" is the course for you!

In this online dog training course, you will learn the Wags & Wiggles positive reinforcement method of training your dog to give you direct, sustained eye contact.

While making eye contact is an essential part of communicating for humans, canines actually refrain from offering eye contact. Dogs communicate mostly through their nose, not their eyes! In addition, some dogs have a nervous nature and will reduce social pressure by avoiding eye contact.

Dogs have to be trained to offer eye contact.

Once your dog is looking at you and away from tempting distractions, behaviors like Sit & Stay and Come When Called will happen more quickly!

"Watch Me" is one of the easiest beginning behaviors to teach your dog. It is a target behavior, which means your dog will target his or her eyes to your eyes.

You will learn through clicker training how to identify eye contact, mark it, and reward it! Every lesson features multiple exercises with videos and step-by-step instructions that progress in difficulty. By the end, you'll even learn how to get eye contact on cue using the command "watch me" so you can ask for it!

Is your dog ignoring you when you call them, or are they constantly distracted when you need their attention? 'Watch Me' can fix that!

It can be troublesome gaining your dog's attention, but 'Watch Me' teaches them look at you on command. Our courses are designed to be easy to follow and give effective results.

The online Watch Me Dog Training Course contains 6 exciting games! You'll have access to this course for 3 months. Games are the key to making training fun and not another boring chore.

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