Teach your dog to wait at the door and prevent escape for $19.99 (On Sale $10)

Does your dog enjoy a good game of chase when he or she escapes out of the front door?

Teaching your dog to stay at the door is important. Not only does it prevent your dog from darting out the front door, but it will also help you start your walks off with a calm, focused dog.  Learn the best-kept trick to dog training: reorientation.

Learn how to control a pack of dogs at the door through positive reinforcement.

Install a door boundary and practice a homeward bound behavior. Work through recalls back through the door.

Want your dog to remain calm and relaxed when a visitor comes to the door? Worried they might bolt out the door the moment it opens? If so, door manners is the right trick to teach!

Like most behaviors, door manners require two key factors: management and training. While your dog is learning what they are supposed to do at the door, you need to manage him or her so they cannot practice the unwanted behaviors. Train them to understand door boundaries and know how to react to new visitors at the door, or just when the door is open.

The online Door Manners Dog Training Course contains 5 exciting games! You'll have access to this course for 3 months. Games are the key to making training fun and not another boring chore.

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