Keep your reactive or rowdy dog calm and focused for $99 (On Sale $69)

Does Your Dog Struggle to Pay Attention?

Do they bark on walks? Is your dog fearful? Wags & Wiggles Online Zen Dog Training Course is the answer!

For 20 years, our Behavior Consultants have been helping dog owners keep their dogs calm and focused using proven scientific techniques such as positive reinforcement and counter conditioning.

There is no magical pill to change your dog's behavior, but you can learn what causes bad behavior and what techniques work for you and your dog in different situations. You will learn through our lessons and videos a step by step process on how to change your dog's behavior.

This course includes 15 sections with multiple lessons in each section.

This program is designed to help "dogs with issues" learn how to relax, focus, and function reliably in both stimulating or stressful situations.

Zen Dog is the right course for you if any of these behaviors describe your dog:

  • Uncomfortable or unable to work off-leash around other dogs.
  • Gets into conflicts at dog parks or daycare.
  • Barks a lot on walks.
  • Easily distracted, sniffs a lot, wanders off, won't come to you.
  • Unwilling to play with you or a toy in public.
  • Gets too wound up around other dogs.
  • Anxious, stressed, or shuts down.
  • Unable to control their impulses when excited.
  • Loses its mind once it starts to run.
  • Unable to be quiet and relaxed in a class environment.
  • Requires barriers in class.
  • A potential competitor in any dog sport (agility, rally, freestyle, flyball).

Is your dog missing out on social adventures because of their behavior?

This online course includes over 40 videos to give you clear instructions on how to train your dog for every social situation.

If you buy this course as a standalone, you get 3 months access.  If you buy this course as part of the Behavior Rehab Membership, you get 1 year's access.

You will be given guidance on how to make changes to your home and life in order to reduce and manage reactivity.

There is an entire section dedicated to seeing real life reactive dogs being coached by Wags & Wiggles Behavior Consultants. You will see how we prevent reactivity as well as how to stop it once it happens.

Are you feeling overwhelmed because you can't control your dog?

Owners of reactive dogs need a support team. You need a community of like-minded people who will support you through the work needed to change your dog's behavior. Every lesson has an area where you can post comments, questions, and even submit videos for feedback.

As a FREE BONUS to you, The Complete Guide To Dog Training and Advanced Training & Problem Solving courses are included in the purchase of this course.  These freebies will give you a better understanding of basic dog training, reinforcement strategies, and problem solving.

We highly recommend you consider the Behavior Rehab Membership, especially if dog training is new to you. The Membership includes other critical courses you will need in order to help your dog become a Zen Dog.