Learn online how to master the down stay in one easy course for $29.99!

 The down behavior is useful in so many different ways! It's a great command to teach your dog as it instills patience and self-control. This course covers how to teach your dog to offer the down behavior without force, as well as build a strong down stay behavior.

Teaching “down” is very useful since it encourages relaxation, and it is an important component of the go to the mat and crate behaviors.  If your dog is very busy and gets into mischief easily, a solid down stay will teach them an "off" switch.

Some dogs are more successful at holding a stay when they are in a down position because they are more relaxed, and dogs may get physically get tired if holding a sit stay for too long. We will also guide you through how to strengthen your dog's down and stay behavior by steadily adding duration, distance, and distractions so they are able to perform the behavior anywhere you need it.

Your dog will learn to hold the down stay whether you are sitting or standing, at home or in real life.  The Emergency Down behavior can help a dog that gets loose and won't come when called.  You will learn to vary your reinforcement so your dog doesn't rely solely on food to maintain behavior.

Down and Stay Training can be purchased as a stand-alone course for $29.99 with 3 months access. It is also included in the

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This Wags & Wiggles Online Dog Training Course will guide you through how to start a simple Down behavior on cue then gradually make your stay behavior more realistic and reliable. The Complete Guide To Dog Training is included in your purchase of this course.